Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Local brewers begin to embrace The Beer store

On a recent visit to my local Beer Store outlet, I was surprised to see how much change has taken place there in the last year. Some of you may recall how controversial the subject of craft beer and The Beer Store network was only a year ago. As one of the first local brewers in the door, Bentley Brewers became the subject of some fierce debate among beer drinkers and brewers alike; with some even going so far as to boycott our brand, believing it conflicted with their ideology.

Fast forward a year, and the shelves of Ottawa area Beer Stores are filled with local brews. I counted at least a dozen at my neighbourhood store. As if that weren't enough of a seismic shift in a short period, while I stood in the aisle admiring/contemplating Ontario's new beer reality, I overheard the store staff speaking knowledgeably and in detail to customers about the merits and history of various beer styles. IBU's, yeast profiles, things that used to be interesting only to hard core beer nerds are now common topics where beer is concerned, supplanting old descriptors like 'smooth' and 'cold'.

What difference from a year ago. One can only imagine where we'll be a year from now.  

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