Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Return of the 12 oz. Can

It seems like the beer world is shifting back towards the 12 ounce aluminium can. For years now, brewers have been embracing the 16 ounce or 'tall boy'. Craft brewers in particular (growlers aside) have practically unanimously offered their wares in this format. Over the summer while touring many retailers I began to notice what seemed like an uptick, at least anecdotally, of the retro smaller can. It was the large brewers who first began to introduce 16 ounce cans which were at first rejected by craft brewers. Then over time more and more local brands embraced this size until they became the norm. At this point any beer still offered in a regular can would have been maligned and relegated to discount brand status. Now however the tables are turning once again. We're seeing the macro brands returning to the smaller format. Not only that but we're even seeing a resurgence of some of the selections from the lighter end of the spectrum; an area that has been almost written off by the craft brew community. I have to admit, even this brew master opted for a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon on my recent vacation in the southern U.S. As the saying goes: when in Rome...  

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