Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bentley Brewers Supports The Beer Store

Bentley Brewers supports The Beer Store network. We believe it keeps prices down and selection high. True, customers won’t get the same ‘shopping experience’ they’re used to when buying cheese, or bread, but understand that The Beer Store operates at cost. Shopping experience costs the customer more. This is often what makes luxury products more expensive- the added effort to lure you into opening your wallet. 
We urge craft brewers to objectively look at the facts when it comes to beer distribution. We did, and we found the current system to be the most equitable network possible. Brewers get paid fairly for their products; have access to massive distribution, and customers get more choice than anywhere else. It should also be noted that contrary to popular belief, The Beer Store has NO authority over pricing. This is entrenched in provincial law. As a brewer I negotiate the price with the LCBO.  That’s how it works.
At Bentley Brewers we have decades of experience working with several major retailers in this province.  In fact, anyone who has lived in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario for more than 5 years is virtually guaranteed to have had our Brew master’s products on their dinner table. His products have also made it as far as Europe and the southern U.S.
It is this experience and knowledge of retail and distribution economics that have led us to conclude that while it’s not perfect, The Beer Store has a lot going for it. TBS has been fair trade before the term ever existed.

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